Rescue A Generation is an organization that believes in today’s youth. We believe they can change their world if they are provided with the right tools and resources.  The time is NOW for this generation to rise. We take pride in our youth and want to empower them with wisdom, guidance, and strength to be able to confidently walk in the power of God. We want to then teach them how to turn that power outwardly and take God everywhere they go. By raising up young leaders who take God into to their environments, we will see a shift in the world around them as everyone they encounter will see change! Throughout the Bible God used the youth to do big things! That has not changed and we need to get back to mobilizing our youth to do the great work of the ministry!


The Take Over exposes the youth to the power and presence of God in a real way. We provide the tools necessary to make a lasting change. Often our youth knows and hears the word of God but has not been taught how to share the gospel. We guide them and show them exactly how to Take Over a city. We do not just teach them the gospel, we show them the gospel.


The Take Over is a three-day event where we create an environment that pours into our youth and allows youth leaders and pastors to be poured into.

  • Day 1: We receive! A night of worship, thanksgiving, and training for youth leaders and pastors. This is a night that allows youth leaders and pastors to leave their titles at the door and simply receive. We will provide practical tools that can help take any youth ministry to their next level. We conclude the night with a corporate prayer led by different youth leaders and pastors in the city.
  • Day 2: We celebrate! A night designed specifically for students to experience the life changing power and presence of God in a fresh and unique way that speaks directly to their culture. We meet them where they are and create an atmosphere of unity amongst the body of Christ.
  • Day 3: We move! After being poured into we then take that energy and pour it back into the city. The morning will consist of an outreach our youth take the lead on. They will be able to apply everything they experienced and learned the previous days to advance the Kingdom with the support of their youth leaders.
San Bernardino, California
Tulsa, Oklahoma
What city is next?…



The impact we have seen our youth make in their cities already have been incredible and we look forward to the other cities that God is bringing us too in the future. If you would like to have the Takeover in your city, please click on the “Contact Us” button below.


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