School Assembly

"The energy and culture shift that has been put out into our school, sends a message to students about individuality."

Principal Veronica Rodriguez - NMS
"The HYPE! The level of student engagement, the positive messages, the real transparent stories. I mean you can’t pay for that."

Principal Felicia Limbrick - LLAC
"The VIBE that you brought in! I loves the stories that you shared with our kids! The Rapper the music, it was just good energy."

Assistant Principal Nancy Reyna - RHS

The Power of Art

This generation is one of the most creative generations that has ever existed. Rescue a Generation values creativity, innovation, and art as one of the many tools they use to engage students in a life-giving conversation. Their ability to use the power of art to translate a message of hope to young people has enabled them to engage large and small audiences in various schools across the country.

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We are ready for the “Level Up” Tour Experience

The Level Up Tour Experience

Rescue a Generation provides a unique experience for every assembly they speak at. Their ability to combine dance, poetry, and the arts with a powerful speech creates an experience that students will find hard to forget. RAG speakers are experts at capturing students’ attention through the arts and following that with a highly impactful message about hope, success, or value. They cater to each school and group of students in a uniquely fashioned way that caters to that particular audience.

Student Reach

The Level Up Tour reaches tens of thousands of students at the beginning of each school semester. Rescue a Generation blocks off a month to focus solely on school-wide assemblies so that their entire team can present an engaging, powerful, and life-changing experience for each school. Each show will include a diversity of speakers, games, the use of arts, and a concert on each campus. Students will have a great time and be encouraged to begin their school semester with positivity and hope.