"The energy and culture shift that has been put out into our school, sends a message to students about individuality."

Principal Veronica Rodriguez - NMS
"The HYPE! The level of student engagement, the positive messages, the real transparent stories. I mean you can’t pay for that."

Principal Felicia Limbrick - LLAC
"The VIBE that you brought in! I loves the stories that you shared with our kids! The Rapper the music, it was just good energy."

Assistant Principal Nancy Reyna - RHS

The Power of Art

This generation stands out as one of the most creatively endowed in history. Rescue a Generation values creativity, innovation, and art as essential tools for sparking meaningful conversations with students. Their ability to use the power of art to convey messages of hope to young minds has enabled them to connect with diverse audiences, both in larger assemblies and more intimate school settings across the country.

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We are ready for the “Level Up” Tour Experience

The Level Up Tour Experience

Rescue a Generation offers a distinct experience during every assembly they speak at. Their talent for blending dance, poetry, and the arts with impactful motivational talks results in an unforgettable event for students. Rescue a Generation excels at captivating students through artistic expression, followed by compelling messages of hope, achievement, or significance. They customize their approach for each school and student group, tailoring their presentation to suit the specific audience.

Student Reach

The Level Up Tour impacts tens of thousands of students at the start of every school semester. Rescue a Generation dedicates a month exclusively to school-wide assemblies, ensuring their entire team can deliver an engaging, powerful, and transformative experience to each school. Each show features a range of speakers, interactive games, artistic elements, and culminates with a concert. Students enjoy themselves and receive inspiration to commence the school semester with a positive and hopeful outlook.