Moving Past the Walls Pt. 2

February 15, 2018
February 15, 2018 Jose Rodriguez

Moving Past the Walls Pt. 2

In the last blog, we were able to address some of the ways that you can move past walls in your life and journey as a leader. I think it is so important that we as leaders understand that walls are often times, not the end but the beginning of something new that God wants to do in your life.


“Walls typically are used more for our good than they are for our destruction. It is all a matter of perspective.” – Jose


One of the best things we can do as leaders when faced with walls is to first decide on how to respond to the walls. Yes, I am saying, you as the leader need to make a decision at the beginning of your journey that you will not stop because of walls. The enemy would want nothing more than the opportunity to use a wall to stop the momentum and the direction that God has your life going.


“The truth is, leaders are not afraid of walls, nor do they change their mind due to a wall. Real leaders see walls as opportunities.” – Jose


So here is the question, how do you respond to (the) walls? If you were to be brutally honest with yourself, what is your first reaction when you see or sense opposition? Do you retreat? Do you stop or desire to stop all together?


As a leader, you will have so many opportunities to look your wall experiences right in the face and decide what you will do next.


We see many leaders in the Bible face what looks like walls; if the walls were to stop them, I doubt we would read their story the same. Imagine if David shied away from Goliath. If Moses stopped because of the Red Sea. If Joshua stopped because they were “but grasshoppers in the land of giants.” If Jesus stopped because of the betrayal. If Paul stopped because of imprisonment.


The stories that I mentioned above are stories that are familiar not because the walls they faced but because of how these leaders responded to the wall.


Here is what I want you to understand about these walls:


  1. Walls have a purpose. Every wall in your life is assigned to you for a reason. It’s up to you to find out why and move and act accordingly.
  2. Walls can only stop you when you respond the wrong way. Your approach to walls will determine how long you will remain in that season.
  3. Walls cause you to rely on God of the breakthrough. No wall was broken down Biblically without a move or act of God. Maybe your current wall in ministry is because God is waiting for you to inquire of Him, so He can breakthrough on your behalf.


In business, it is said that when you hit a wall, you pivot, innovate, and find the best solution for your wall. Maybe it is going another direction or maybe there is a better way to do what you have been doing. In ministry when you hit a wall, pivot, find the purpose of the wall, and pray for God to give you wisdom and strategy to break through the wall.


“In every wall you face in urban youth ministry, there is a God inside of you that has all the answers you need.” – Jose


Would you allow the God of the breakthrough to give you all that you need so that you can be the leader you are called to be?


Remember… YOU. ARE. A. WALL. BREAKER.  



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